How do I sign up for a course?


● Where are you located?

> Our classroom is: 102 West Broadway,Vancouver, BC.

> Our training lot is: 10688 #6rd., Richmond, BC.

● I want to take a co-ed motorcycle course. Do you have


> We can get you signed up at

● Can I take the course while waiting for my knowledge test


> No. We cannot train you unless you have your 6L learners


● What are the instructor’s qualifications?

> Instructors are ICBC certified school instructors. They go

through an ICBC approved instructor program and have

years of riding experience. They are also ICBC certified

Assessment Officers (MSA/MST). Instructors continually

take Advanced Riding Courses throughout the year.

● What do I need to bring to my course?

> Your 6L/8L license

> Water, a lunch & snacks (there are food sources nearby)

> Ankle covering shoes/boots

> A helmet (DOT approved) & motorcycle gloves for the training Lot portion

> Warm clothes (it’s easier to take off layers!)

> Your own rain gear if you want

> Extra socks (for rainy days)

> A great attitude and willingness to learn

● I already know how to ride, why should I take a course?

> You’d be surprised how many people say this but then are

glad they took the course. They usually end up surprised

that they learned things they didn’t know, or used skills

they forgot. Motorcycling is always about being safe and

adapting your skills to get out of trouble. No matter how

long you’ve been riding!

● Do we ride in all kinds of weather?

> Yes, we ride rain or shine. We do not ride in

inclement weather.

● What happens if I sign up and then I have to cancel?

> Our policy is: If you give us 14 days notice or more, you

can have a refund, less $100 administration fee. Anything

less than 14 days, your deposit or payment is non

refundable but will be put towards the next course you’re

available for.

● What if I have to leave the course early on any of the days?

> We will not be able to test you and you must make up the time.

● What if I fail my MSA test?

> You can come back at the next testing date and test for


● Can I bring my own motorcycle to the course?

> No. We have motorcycles for your use at the school.